Suicide Attack is the thrash metal sensation from The Netherlands. Completing their line up in 2014, this furious four-piece wasted no time and swiftly took the stage to start building their fanbase. Drawing influences from every aspect of thrash metal (Bay Area, Teutonic, Swedish death/thrash and New Wave of Thrash) and beyond, their repertoire mainly includes aggressive and fast paced pieces with compact and catchy song structures, never devolving into a barrage of unrecognizable noise.


After their debut performance at Watergate Metalfest, they were immediately noted and booked for all Dutch dates of the 'Fistful of Metal Alive' tour of former Anthrax frontman Neil Turbin. They also shared the stage with Evil Invaders, Martyr, X-tinXion, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Monolith Deathcult and Taake.


As a notable feat the band was booked throughout 2014 without a recorded song or demo to it's name, having been noticed entirely by virtue of their energetic stage performances and word of mouth. Another interesting trivia is the fact that lead guitar player Eelco Klis is completely blind, although he has no difficulty to shred on his guitar.


Their self-released debut EP 'Prepare for Attack' saw the light of day in early 2015 and was welcomed by many positive reviews across the internet.


In 2016 the band started to work on their first full-length record which will be named 'No More Room in Hell'. It will contain 11 blistering thrash songs penned by founder Frans Swaters, who was the main songwriter in both X-tinXion and Stigma. Expect a varied selection of songs that will be brutal, yet melodic. Mixing the old school with the new school while never losing their distinct sound and identity.