What's new?


A quick update. The last couple of months we've been working hard to make our first full length record! All music has been recorded and next month we're going into the studio to record vocals and finish the mix.


The artwork is done by Ammar Al-Chalabi, the comic artist behind the comic Wart, and it's old school as fuck. Check out his work at www.zombieburger.com!


The record will be called 'No More Room in Hell' and will contain 11 thrashing tracks! We're hoping to release it this year, so check this page for more updates in the near future.


We figured that it was about time to make a real and official website, because this 'internet' thing seems to become quite populair...


You can find the latest news about Suicide Attack here. Like what you see? Come check us out at a show! You can find the dates of our gigs in the 'Live' section. In the 'Media' section you can listen to our debut EP 'Prepare for Attack' for free.